Presents We All Tend to Receive at Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year The magical season of Christmas is upon us once again, the season that's full of magic, sparkle and, most of all, expense. It's no secret that Christmas is becoming more and more associated with what's under the tree rather than who's around it, and the same types... Continue Reading →


It’s Okay Not to Be Okay: Mental Health as a Student, and Ways You Can Deal with It

Whether you're a student or not, it's no secret that the journey through higher education is a difficult one. University students have it tough - alongside attending the lectures and seminars, we also have to worry about constant deadlines, exams, finances, housing, employment and more, all whilst living away from our homes and our families.... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Favourite Ski Resorts

Winter is fast approaching, which means that ski resorts around the world are starting to open for the season - and it always gets me so excited. I'm so grateful to be able to say that I have visited over a dozen different ski resorts around Europe and North America, and they are all magnificent in... Continue Reading →

What I Love About Where I Live: The Cotswolds, UK

Despite having spent the last couple of years at university in Bristol, and regardless of my transition from rural to urban life (read all about it in an article I wrote for The University Paper for Bristol:, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds will always be my home. That's right, I live in the UK's... Continue Reading →

What I Hear as a Sober Student

I choose to be sober 99% of the time for various reasons. Notice how I don’t claim to be completely sober, because sometimes I'm partial to the odd cocktail – but the 1% of the time when I’m not completely alcohol-free, I can only really manage one. To be honest I just don't like drinking,... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Learnt as a Fresher

So it's nearly October, and I'm nearing the end of the first week of my THIRD year at uni. That's right, I graduate next year, and the thought is nothing if not scary. I remember having the best Freshers' Week after moving to Bristol (mainly because it's always the same week as my birthday), and... Continue Reading →

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